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A brighter future for district 79

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Mary Beedle

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Another choice has arrived in District 79. I am Mary Beedle, a newly retired Nurse Practitioner. I am running to be a voice for Women's Rights and hope to expanded education about Women's Health needs. I would like to be clear about any bills being presented in the NC House of Representatives. A Democratic Governor needs more Democrats in the House to support their agenda, such as solutions to public schools and teacher retention.  Professionals deserve insurance and retirement plans. Quality broadband internet is sparce in rural areas and the children suffer if they need to use internet for school. I come from a family of ten children which implanted the importance of communication, negotiation, and cooperation in order to get things accomplished. I feel that I will be a voice for a wide variety of people.  My limited Spanish, learned as  missionary in Guatemala, gives me another platform for understanding cross cultural needs. "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."  (MLK)                 

I'm taking this first step and I hope you come with me. Feedback about what this District needs is always welcome and necessary to provide the best representation. You now have a choice and I am listening.


I will advocate for individuals' rights to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health care without government interference.


Expanding broadband access in North Carolina is essential for bridging the digital divide, fostering economic growth, enhancing education opportunities, and improving access to essential services for all residents in district 79 and across the state.


Access to clean air and water is essential for the health, well-being, and prosperity of all North Carolinians, and it is imperative that we prioritize comprehensive measures to protect and preserve these vital resources for current and future generations.



The only way we'll flip district 79 from red to blue is if you're standing with us. 

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