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So this is What Josh Stein Team Says and I am on the Same Page.

One year ago, the General Assembly passed their dangerous abortion ban, stripping women of their reproductive freedom across North Carolina. The ban has put critical reproductive health care out of reach for many women, particularly those who live in rural areas, and it has interfered with doctors' ability to make sound medical decisions for their patients. 

While State Senator Applewhite and State Representative Staton-Williams each shared their perspective on the importance of fighting for reproductive freedom this week, our opponent Mark Robinson wants to take North Carolina in the exact opposite direction. He continues to fight for a total ban on abortion with no exceptions. Across the state, we've learned that doctors are leaving North Carolina and that a mother tragically lost her baby after being turned away from the emergency room.

It's time that we say enough is enough. We have met with countless North Carolinians over these last few months who have a powerful reason they're fighting for our state. Whether it's health care, public education, or another priority, please know that we're glad to be in this fight with you. 

David Webb

Political Director

Josh Stein for NC

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